Download The Anarchist Cookbook For Free

You’d like to download the anarchist cookbook for free?

Sorry – after much debate, we’re not prepared to provide the anarchist cookbook for download any more.

It is available on various websites including scribd and a host of others, but at this stage we can’t see any benefit from offering it for download.

If you’re hell bent on searching and reading the cookbook please consider the following:

  • Because the amount of nutters in our society is increasing, governments are taking a harder line on people posessing The Anarchist Cookbook and publications like it. In Britian there are a number of cases of pretty regular, but curious people getting on the wrong side of the law from simply posessing a copy!
  • Honestly, what is your motivation for reading the cookbook? If you’re a budding young chemist, as many of us have liked to think we are at some stage in our lives, contemplate working with a trustworthy science teacher, your parents or relative on doing some science experiments. Don’t waste your time reading the cookbook, you’ll probably injure or kill yourself if you carry out any of the dangerous ideas presented.
  • If you’re looking to research the ideas associated with “The Anarchist Cookbook”, go read up on the real deal philosophy at somewhere like Infoshop, hell, Wikipedia is ten times better than the idealogical babble drummed up in The Anarchist Cookbook.

And that’s really that. Sorry to those people looking to read the cookbook out of curiosity or for a bit of a laugh – that is what i’d originally wanted to provide it for, but hey, in this day and age it just isn’t worth it for the potential trouble.

Take care,